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Display your search result in 3D

If you are looking for a different way to surf the web and you have a brand new computer, you can try SpaceTime. This web browser doesn’t need to be installed; as soon as you lunch the .EXE file, a 3D browser appears where you can visit web pages and experience a ‘Vista’ style to see frames and navigate through them.

Having multiple windows with a 3D effect can be useful if, for example, you have to make a presentation and you need to compare things at a given moment. When you want to open a page in full screen, just double click on it or you may as well use the carousel function which appears at the bottom of the page when you hover the mouse there.

Zooming in and out is also very nicely implemented and very useful especially if you have to focus on something during your presentation or your work. As you can imagine, SpaceTime requires lots of system resources and for this reason, I don’t see it as an alternative to your standard web browser. To open a new web page, simple type a new URL in the address field, without having to press CTRL-T or CTRL-N. Actually, with the latter key combination, you open a navigator tool, useful to browse through the pages.

Navigate the World Wide Web in a 3D style, like the way you manage windows in Windows Vista. It’s really catchy and entertaining and it’s perfect for presentations, although it wouldn’t be a suitable replacement for your usual browser because of its slowness and system requirements.

Search eBay, Google, Yahoo!, Flickr and Images all in one 3D space. For example, just select "eBay search" from the drop down menu in SpaceTime, type in your search term and go!

SpaceTime displays all of your eBay search results in an easy to view elegant 3D arrangement. The days of mining through pages and pages of tiny thumb-nails in an effort to find the item you are looking for are over.

Because SpaceTime has unlimited space, you can display hundreds of items at once to find exactly what you are looking for.

Amazon, YouTube, Email, MySpace, Music, RSS, Live and Hundreds More will soon be added.


  • Stylish new way to navigate the web
  • Perfect for presentations
  • Nice menus to navigate open pages


  • Slow in loading internet pages
  • Requires lots of system resources


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SpaceTime 3D


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